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Media Discussion Events Quiz ICONOCLE TV Auctions Shopping
Media Discussion Events Quiz ICONOCLE TV Auctions Shopping

ICONOCLE is a new media platform dedicated to some of the most inspiring global ICONS and trendsetters within Fashion & Lifestyle.

Kate Tik

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Inspired from her Russian roots, Kate Tikhomirova aka Kate Tik represents an effortless chic and sophisticated look. Her home is in London, but she barely unpacks her luggage before heading to the next plane and on to a new and exciting adventure – always driven by her deep passion for fashion, interior design, and travel.

Kate’s career within interior design and fashion is driven by inspiration from her many travels; whether it comes from a charming restaurant in Asia or a luxurious boutique hotel in France. It is this exploring mind-set combined with an exceptional creative talent that made her the inspirational international Trendsetter that she is today.

On ICONOCLE, you’ll get to follow Kate up close, and join her as she travels the world and explores some of the most picturesque locations, documented with extraordinary high quality content and a captivating feed and dialog.

Juliet Angus

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Get up close with this loud and proud London-based American A-lister as she shares her very competent and personal take on fashion & lifestyle.

Juliet has an impressive track record working with PR and consulting for the very top of the fashion industry, and she established herself in the public eye as a key figure of the successful TV series "Ladies of London".

On ICONOCLE, Juliet will share her first-hand insights to the Fashion industry, and invite you to follow her personal family-life whilst taking you with her during ordinary experiences in an extraordinary life and on to amazing family holidays in beautiful surroundings from the Maldives to the United States.

Mary Leest

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ICONOCLE presents the international model and fashion Influencer, Mary Leest. Grown from her Russian roots into a blooming global superstar, you’ll find Mary both presenting and inspiring the fashion trends of tomorrow.

Whether rocking a street-style look or in haute couture, Mary is constantly being photographed and featured in global magazines for her modern chic fashion sense. In 2018, she was named Fashion Influencer of the Year by Glamour Magazine.

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in fashion & lifestyle to follow this young fashion entrepreneur up close and personal as she shares her insider-knowledge from the industry’s events on ICONOCLE, Mary will take you around the world from her private settings in New York and Moscow to the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival.

Maja Malnar

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ICONOCLE presents a global fashion & travel blogger who will make you short of breath. Born in Slovenia, Maja speaks 6 different languages and travels 250+ days every year to partake in one extraordinary event or high-end brand campaign after another.

Maja is working with an impressive list of top international Brands and Designers, and is a remarkable Networker that gets an invite to any and all trending events year-round.

On ICONOCLE, you’ll be able to see how this fashion industry insider manages to travel to all parts of the world, stays connected and well-hydrated, healthy and fit, and (not to forget) always well-dressed at all times of the day.

Sharing from her spiritual side, Maja is a firm believer in the power of positivity, karma, and the force of the moon; a mindset that makes her a very positive source of inspiration.

Nina Suess

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ICONOCLE presents one of Germany’s most successful fashion bloggers. You’ll find Nina sitting gracefully chic on the front row during fashion weeks, and her followers worldwide adore her fashion sense and her pivotal personal style defined by accessories, accessories, and more accessories.

Nina has a renowned talent for layering the right colours and fabrics that translates into a unique look, which has resulted in endless features in street style magazines and during fashion weeks.

Nina is an expert digital content contributor within her field, and has been working in the sphere since 2013. Her well-respected blog is driven by her principle of quality over quantity, which has created a sustainable success in her name.

On ICONOCLE, you’ll be able see how this London-based German Fashionista circles the top events internationally and presents a positive and glamorous insight from the high-street to the front row of the fashion shows.

Nabilla Vergara

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ICONOCLE presents Fashion & Lifestyle Icon Nabilla Vergara

Residing in-between London and Paris, more than 8 million fans worldwide follow her on social media for fashion, travel, and lifestyle inspiration. Nabilla shares personal moments from her life with a growing family, and actively engages with her fans and followers. On average, more than one million unique users view her fun and personal snaps on Snapchat per day, and she publishes up to 100 videos every day.

Nabilla has been in a number of TV shows, reality TV programs, and TV series including a role in Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.

On ICONOCLE, you’ll be able to follow Nabilla’s endeavours even closer – from her everyday life to her personal behind-the-scene media coverage of amazing events from Cannes to Coachella, fashion shows, and high-end parties and events around the world.

Nabilla has founded the successful cosmetics brand NAB Cosmetic and swimwear brand Day Off Swim, which will also be promoted and available on ICONOCLE.

Audrey Leighton

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Ex-Parisian turned Barcelona-resident, Audrey Leighton (or Frassy Audrey) is an inspiring American Fashionista and Photographer. Audrey has an internationally renown talent for spotting luxurious second-hand fashion items, and curates her own vintage collection with one-of-a-kind items handpicked around the world - Audrey.Leighton.Vintage.

Audrey’s high-end photography skills results in incredible photos of the beautiful fashion items, which are accompanied by long, well-written, and spellbinding captions that inspires hundreds of thousands of fans and followers around the world.

On ICONOCLE, you’ll be able to follow Audrey closely as she seeks and finds her next gem, and you’ll be able to buy some of the unique items from her personal collection on auction.

Whitney Valverde

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Whitney Valverde has a diverse background with roots from Costa Rica, USA and Europe, and she is the ultimate Trendsetter representing a vibrant and stylish sense of fashion. From music festivals to fashion shows, you'll find Whitney traveling the world and taking part in the hottest events of every season.

Whitney works with an impressive list of high-end fashion brands including Gucci, Bvlgari, Givenchy, Lulu Guinness, Kurt Geiger, Monica Vinader, Wildfox Couture, Free People, and YSL, as well as luxury hospitality brands such as Four Seasons, Buddha Bar, Sketch London, W Hotels, and ME hotels.

Imagine the adventures and events that Whitney gets to experience!

On ICONOCLE, Whitney will take you with her to the most inspirational travel destinations worldwide whilst showcasing the latest fashion trends in a bilingual manner (English & Spanish).

Elisa Taviti

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ICONOCLE presents this Italian Fashion Blogger who founded her blog (MyFantabulousworld) in 2010 and since became internationally renown for her focus on Basics tracked by her hashtag #staycoolstaybasic.

You'll find Elisa wearing everything from sneakers to high heels, and her clean and minimalistic style from an Italian perspective positioned her internationally as an inspiring yet relatable Fashion Influencer.

Elisa's passion and work has let her collaborate with international brands in and outside of Italy, and around half a million followers are waiting throughout social media channels to get inspired by her next look.

ICONOCLE will take you closer to the Italian Queen of Basics, and enable you to shop the items and minimalistic look that she (re)presents. We’ll let Elisa tell you much more about it from her profile.

Lili Mitrovic

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This fashionista has just moved from her previous base in Belgrade, Serbia to start a new chapter with her family in the Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York.

Lili has two university degrees, one in Fashion Design and one in Business & Marketing. She used her experience and knowledge to start her career as a Fashion Influencer and Blogger and successfully launched her own bridal collection and store.

Leveraging on her business and career, Lili has grown a worldwide fan base looking to follow her daily activities, styling tips, family life, travel guides, and industry insights.

On ICONOCLE, Lili will share her insights, tips, the Upper East Side life, offers, and inspire you with her 50’s-inspired yet personal style. There’s a guarantee for plenty of glamour and plenty of accessories.

Anisa Sojka

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Anisa is an international Fashion Trendsetter. Half Moroccan and half Czech, she grew up in The Gambia and lived in Sweden for 9 years before moving to London in 2013.

Anisa’s style is unique and inspired by her international approach to life; a colourful palette with courage and flair to stand out from the crowd and inspire a following around the world.

During international fashion weeks, you’ll find her being chased by Street Photographers, capturing her vivid style and publishing her look around social media and published media. Anisa has been interviewed and featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Harber’s Bazaar, and Who What Wear, to mention a few.

On ICONOCLE, Anisa will bring you with her, and give you a daily insight to her London-life as an active Fashionista and Socialite.

Olivia & Alice

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On ICONOCLE, these colourful sisters will inspire you and put a smile on your face as they share their experiences from their home in London to fashion shows and lifestyle events, places, and spaces around the world.

The sisterhood of Olivia & Alice is strong and admirable, and stylistically it shows in their always coordinated outfits; dressed in puffy sleeves, stacked accessories, a hint of neon, metallic fabrics, and animal prints.

Inspired by their own style, the sisters also run their own brand, Amelia Jane London, offering beautiful and fun fur accessories. These products will also be promoted and offered on ICONOCLE.

Silvia G Bartabac

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ICONCOLE presents Spanish Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel Trendsetter, “BARTABAC” aka Silvia Garcia.

On ICONOCLE you’ll be able to follow this bilingual Influencer as she shows you the best places to visit in Spain and around the world - always showcasing her super chic outfits through cleverly colour-coordinated and inspiring visual content.

Silvia lives her life by a “dream big” motto, and is aiming to inspire her audience to strive for bigger and better things in life. She published her own book in 2014 titled “BARTABAC” - a print version of her blog with style tips, travel guides for capitols of the world, hidden gems, and wardrobe confidence advice; an inspiring and personal to-go-to guide for Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel.

Besides inspiring her followers around the world via digital media, Silvia launched her own successful fashion brand in 2014 (“À Bicyclette“), which reflects her own style; effortless, chic, and cool.

Emily Roberts

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Listed by Huffington Post as one of the Worlds Top 25 Micro-Influencers, ICONOCLE proudly presents London-based Trendsetter Emily Roberts. “Em” is behind the Social Media Alias “The Lipstick Fever”, which was originally created in New York City. Emily is currently trending and expanding her influence within fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, and collaborating with exciting brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, NARS, Wella Hair, French Connection, & Other Stories, and Ralph Lauren.

Emily is passionate about using her personal platform to empower and support women in business. As part of this endeavor, Emily is also running “The Big Move”, an international podcast inspired by global BOSS ladies.

Follow Emily up close on ICONOCLE, and engage with her via video-to-video discussions on relevant topics to learn from her experiences as an independent business woman in the industry.

Natacha Darty

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Better known as Natacha Steven or simply @Natacha is a global trendsetter from Paris, France. On her path to her current residence in London, she’s been based in New York as well as Sao Paulo.

She has been inspiring her followers since 2012 via her blog and social media where she shares her interests within fashion, beauty, and eco solutions, and has been named “New Digital Talent of the Year” by French magazine L’Officiel.

Natacha regularly collaborates with prestigious high-end brands such as Fendi, Burberry, and Tiffany & Co, and her French elegance and style has been featured in major publications such as Vogue US, Elle USA, Vogue Spain, Marie Claire France, and W magazine.

On ICONOCLE, Natacha will contribute and inspire with her vibrant and effortless style from London and around the world - always accessorised by a lovely smile and a great hair.

Natacha is also overseeing sustainable and consumer growth oriented investments for Golda Darty Partners, her family office. She is dedicated to eco-friendly and green projects.

Natacha is a founding member of the young patron millennials committee of the Paris Museum of Modern Art.

Ryle Tuvierra

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Ryle Tuvierra (better known as “The Fierce Walker”) is a Filipino style Trendsetter situated in-between London and Dubai. She was awarded one of the 100 most influential Filipinos in the GCC.

Ryle’s personal style is not a typical street style. She doesn't directly follow a general trend but transforms fashion trends with her personal touch of luxury and art; walking her own path to inspire others.

Her work and achievements have been recognised by Illustrado Magazine, Independent UK, Standard UK, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Emirates Woman, Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, and Vogue Arabia.

On ICONOCLE, Ryle will be sharing her expertise within high-end fashion through creative and compelling content. She’ll be engaging from her base in London, and you can follow her as she travels all over the world for events and personal and professional projects.

ICONOCLE is a new media platform dedicated to some of the most inspiring global ICONS and trendsetters within Fashion & Lifestyle.